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BRG Carillon Bell Systems
Electronic Carillon Bell Systems

Carillon Bells are Inspirational!

Through the ages, the rich sound of bells have been the unifying voice calling the community to worship.

Now, your church can reach out to the congregation and community with the inspiring sound of cast bells and chimes.

The BRG Carillon (kare'-uh-lawn) Bell System includes digital recordings of real cast bells, chimes and carillons. The BRG carillon has many features simply not available in any other carillon. In fact, it's the most versatile and affordable carillon available anywhere.

This maintenance free bell system is the perfect everlasting memorial gift. The beautiful sound of bells and hymns can be played using the tower speakers or through the interior audio system, or both. Switching between indoor and outdoor speakers is automatic.

Carillon Sales Literature

This product is for sale in the United States only.

BRG Carillon Bell System

The quality of sound produced by the digital BRG Carillon Bell System is superb. The finest carillon system in the world also happens to be the best value! The BRG Carillon Bell System has many outstanding features that inspires all who hear it.

The BRG Carillon Bell System includes, digital playback, advanced timing and scheduling functions, factory synchronized OCXO Oscillator that provides accuarate time to one second over 20 years, a full size color video screen, and recordings of nearly 2,000 hymns, swinging bells, chimes, liturgical bells, etc.

In addition to a high quality digital sound source, another important component of a carillon is the sound amplification system. The BRG carillon includes custom designed, quadruple redundant, wide-throat speakers for increased reliability and range. This innovative speaker design also greatly improves sound quality at high power levels. The BRG designed power amplifier provides a true 1,200 Watts output to the speaker system.

The BRG Carillon will reproduce virtually any sound that can be directly recorded into the system using CD-Recordings or a MP3 source. Even songs on compact disk may be automatically transferred to the system. The digital sound is sent directly to the power amplifier to produce the full richness of beautiful cast bells.

A critical component of any carillon is the system clock. The OCXO Ocillator in the BRG Carillon automatically changes between daylight savings and standard time. But there's more. The OCXO Ocillator is so accurate, 2 PPB (parts per Billion), the carillon is always on the correct time. No time adjustments are ever required. When the BRG Carillon System sounds its chimes, you can be sure they’re on the correct time schedule. This is true even if there was a power failure during the night. When the power is restored, the carillon will automatically activate and be placed back on the correct schedule.

Flexibility is important when selecting a carillon. For example, it’s often desirable to enjoy bells and hymns inside the church as well as outside. The BRG Carillon Bell System allows you to program each song to play indoors, outdoors or both. For example, you can sound the outdoor bells as a call to worship. Without any operator intervention, the carillon could then play another song indoors. Then as the service ends, you could ring the bells, using the included radio remote control, that would be heard both indoors and outdoors.

The system is configured using an intuitive full screen computer monitor that greatly simplifies song scheduling. Using the graphical interface, songs may be quickly previewed before entering them into the song schedule.

Bells and chimes can be programmed to sound in a wide variety of combinations. You can determine what time, day of the week, or date to play a song, or group of songs. For example, you may have the Westminster chimes sound the time Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, on Sunday, they would sound from sound from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., and again from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., except at 6 p.m. on December 24th, a different song would substituted for the Westminster chimes. The BRG Carillon Bell System can handle just about any play schedule imaginable.

Turn-Key Installation

BRG Precision Products offers a turn-key installation package that includes required permitting, installation and training. Price depends on local electrical labor cost, code/permit requirements and the installation location. Call BRG for pricing and details.

Lost or misplaced the IR remote for your BRG Carillon System? If so, you can purchase an new one HERE.


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